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Truckrun Electric Bicycle Mid Drive Motor 36V 250W For Climbing Easy

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Brand Name: Truckrun
Certification: CE/ROHS/EN15194
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Packaging Details: 41*30*22cm carton

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L*W*H(MM):: 205.5*135.5*99 Rated Voltage(V):: 36/48
Rated Power(W):: 250/350 No(RPM):: 101±6
Max Torque(N.M):: ≥100 Efficiency(%):: ≥80
Weight(kg):: 3.6 Number Of Matching Teeth:: 38T/42T/44T/46T
Noise Grade(db):: <55 Sensor :: Speed And Torque Sensor
Salt Spray Test Standard(h):: 96(h) Ingress Protection:: IP65
Certification:: EN15194/CE/ROHS
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Truckrun Electric Bicycle Mid Drive Motor


Truckrun electric bicycle motor 36V


Electric Bicycle Mid Drive Motor 250W 36V

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Truckrun Motor 36V 250W For Climbing Easy



When a bicycle equipped with a Truchrun motor travels up the ramp, it can increase the speed and reduce the time it takes to climb. The suspended motor can cope with the very harsh terrain and can easily cope with the roads of rocks, roots and mud pits.


In order to achieve better performance, E-Bikes usually use a central motor. As the name suggests, it is a motor that is placed in the middle of the frame (the crankset). According to the installation method, the E-bike central motor is divided into two types: the integrated frame and the external type. According to the structure and shape of the motor, it can be divided into a coaxial central motor and a parallel shaft center motor.


The parallel shaft center motor can see that the motor is in the shape of “8” from the outside. The small circle on the left corresponds to the power output shaft of the motor, and the right side is the crankshaft shaft. The two are arranged in parallel and are driven by a series of speed reduction. The gears are linked, so the motor of this structure is also called "parallel shaft center-mounted motor". The same as the center motor, there is another coaxial structure. The coaxial central motor has a circular outer shape. The power output shaft of the motor and the crankshaft shaft of the human pedal are on the same axis. There are also a series of gears and clutches in the interior, which reduces the high speed of the motor to us. Stepping on the cadence and zooming in on the boosting torque to help us fight the steep slope. The coaxial center-mounted motor is smaller in size than the parallel-shaft center-mounted motor.


Truckrun, as the world's most economical E-bike central motor, is guided by technological innovation to improve the construction of the supply chain system. By reducing the production cost, the performance and cost performance of this type of E-bike central motor will be perfect. Excellent cost performance advantages, more customers can experience unprecedented cycling experience.



L*W*H(MM): 205.5*135.5*99 Rated Voltage(V): 36/48
Rated Power(W): 250/350 No(RPM): 101±6
Max Torque(N.M): ≥100 Efficiency(%): ≥80
Weight(Kg): 3.6 Number Of Matching Teeth: 38T/42T/44T/46T
Noise Grade(Db): <55 Sensor : Speed And Torque Sensor
Salt Spray Test Standard(H): 96(h) Ingress Protection: IP65





Truckrun Electric Bicycle Mid Drive Motor 36V 250W For Climbing Easy 0



1. Q: What is the E-bike motor kit?

A: The kit is designed to transform your standard bicycle(manual pedal power)to an electric-powered by a motor and battery pack.


2. Q: Will the conversion kit fit my bicycle?

A: The conversion was designed to fit 90% of the bicycles, and you can check your bicycle fork(the two metal pieces that attach the wheel to the bicycle) to be sure. You will need at least 100mm for front wheel and 135mm for rear wheel.


3. Q: If my bicycle meet your standard, how can I choose to install front wheel or rear wheel motor?

A: A front hub kit is normally much easier to install than a rear wheel kit since you don't have to worry about gearing or derailers. When riding, the rider can easily see the front wheel and respond quickly to problems such as wheel spinning.

Rear wheel drive has the advantage of better traction which is great for hills and inclines. And because the rear frame dropouts are normally stronger than the front fork dropouts, a rear wheel can handle more torque and increased power.


4. Q: How fast will it go?

A: The speed would be decided by the motor power, controller and battery spec. According to different countries rules, we provide 25km/h for EU and AU market, provide 30km/h for other market.


5. Q: How far can I go on one charge?

This varies depending on usage, your specification will affect the your battery performance and life. And mostly of the battery have a cycle life of more than 700charges.


6. Q: How long does it take to recharge the battery?

A: usually it takes 4—6 hours.


7. Q. When should I recharge batteries?

A. The battery can be charged after every ride. We do recommend that every 20th charge that you run the battery flat and give it a full charge.


8. Q: How should I store my battery?

A: Store in cool dry place, you should fully charge your battery before storing it.


9. Q: How can I get the best battery performance and range?

A: Pedal while the motor is on, start the motor after the bike is moving, use the motor mainly to climb hills, and don’t use the motor while you are going downhill.

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